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FE Hamastieva Gulnara


We express our deep gratitude to VZV Company,

personally to the manager   Zadorozhnoy Svetlana for high professionalism, for a very fast   the solution of any question, for responsiveness, efficiency!

We hope for a long and fruitful cooperation!

With regards,

FE Hamastieva Gulnara

Date: 07.06.2018

Samoylova Yelena, Kostelova Oksana (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk)

We have been working with VZV.su for 6 years.

For the whole this time

the company has established itself as an excellent business partner. The wide range of goods, the ongoing increase in the number of footwear manufacturers, reasonable discounts, and the well-designed site help to quickly and accurately select the models desired. For the whole time of collaboration, we haven't had any dispute regarding late delivery or delivery to the shipping company. I would like to note that VZV.su is truly interested in acquiring new business partners, expanding trade relations not only with neighbouring cities but with the CIS countries as well. Especially I would like to draw attention to the work of the company manager Alexander Haytman, with whom we've been working throughout our cooperation. He made possible the cooperation with our region. Being the highly qualified specialist, he treats his clients with understanding, respect and genuine interest, and can always give advice and recommendations on the product offered.

Thank you, Alexander, and VZV.su for fruitful cooperation, and we wish your company further development and prosperity!

With Regards,

Samoylova Yelena, Kostelova Oksana

Date: 07.07.2017

Popova Alla Vladimirovna

Many thanks to VZV for the good managers and for the products you provide to us!!!

It was a great pleasure to work with Gulnara Baganova on the selection of goods. May God give you health and prosperity in your business!